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Grades 7-12


Part of the Fort Vermilion School Division, Pathways offers alternative education options to students who find that traditional school settings do not meet their needs. Grades 7-9 learn online with certified teachers, high school students can complete their studies (paper modules or online courses) and earn a high school diploma at their own pace.


Pathways offers choice in education to parents and students. Synchronous, online instruction is provided for students in grades 7-9. All classes are taught by certified teachers who offer one-on-one support as needed. Recorded class sessions give families flexibility and help students stay caught up even when they are unable to attend live class sessions. Students in grades 10-12 are able to take advantage of a variety of modalities for learning including paper modules and online courses. In person support is offered as well as the opportunity to complete some courses at their local high school.

High school students will receive support to assist in their transition into the work world through programs such as CTS credits, work experience, RAP and dual credit courses (offered in partnership with Northern Lakes College).

Students in all grades are encouraged to connect, just like a traditional school, through participation in activities like gym nights, swimming lessons, and field trips.

Homeschool families can take advantage of blended programming, another option available to parents as they choose the education their children receive. For example, parents can enrol their child in a Math or Language Arts course with Pathways and receive instruction from a certified teacher while still continuing to homeschool all other subjects.

Success looks different for each individual and Pathways is committed to finding the right path for each students. Please contact us to find out more about how Pathways can help your child be successful in their education. We can't wait to meet you!


Kim Brown, 
Principal of Pathways

Anna McAskile.
Assistant Principal of Pathways / Inclusive Education Coordinator

Office Staff: 

Mrs. Tracy Schempp,
Administrative Assistant, Pathways (HL Location)

Mrs. Eva Derksen,
Administrative Assistant, Pathways (LC Location)


Every student within Fort Vermilion School Division can learn and grow towards High School completion in way that meets their needs as an individual learner.​

Education Plan

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Supply Lists

All necessary supplies for our independant program are provided by the school. Students are welcome to bring along their preferred tools, such as backpacks, writing tools, or technology, but it is not necessary for assignment completion. Textbooks and Chromebooks will be assigned to students as required.

Programs and Services

In addition to academic content, we offer a range of optional, interest driven courses that assist our students in preparing for the future, and the world of work. Students may take advantage of instruction in first aid, Class 7 Licensing, cyber security, budgeting, resume building, workplace safety and other various topics.

We offer mental health programming, and therapy, through our Student Wellness programs.